Bobby East issues Apology for Insensitive Comment & Takes Break from Social Media

Bobby East ft. Jorzi - All Over

KMP artiste – Bobby East has issued an apology to his fans following an insensitive comment he made yesterday where he is quoted saying “some people have the same financial status they had last year” (Speaking to people who condemned Slapdee for involving himself in Politics).

The rapper has since apologized and said he has taken a short break from social media to regroup and think of his next step. Bobby says the sad part for him is that Slapdee has withdrawn his Nomination in the AFRIMMA Awards.


Good afternoon all,

Yesterday after posting a poster supporting the nomination of my big hommie Slapdee, I wrote a comment that wasn’t very nice after I saw all the backlash he received .Sometimes when people are hurt they say things out of anger that they do no mean and I have been guilty of this many times.) saw the error in the post and deleted it but by then it had already been grabbed and re posted.) apologize to everyone for that comment as it was in bad taste.) started making music to make people happy and as an outlet for a kid who barely ever spoke his mind.) never imagined in my wildest dreams that this would come with any form of influence ,I just wanted to make some tunes!!The lesson is well and truly learnt ..I will take a small break from social media to regroup and think of my next step. All updates will be handled by team until I return…

I shall see you all soon..Peace and love

P.s the saddest part about all this for me is the big guy’s withdrawal..My biggest dream has been for the betterment of our industry, but all actions do have consequences and I hope he has a chance to go again ….