DJ Mzenga Man Questions The ZMA


Who should Truly Win The Best Music Producer Award?

Questions regarding who should and or should have Not won the ZMA Best Producer award have always risen a lot of dust since 2013 to date. Here is the Issue. I feel Studio Sound Producers have not been fully recorgnised looking at how they are awarded.

ZMA Awards has over 30 categories of which over 90% of these categories are specificaly for artists (Singers and Rappers).

Despite having over 50 well known artists whose music is produced by over 20 well known various Producers in Zambia we still have only 1 category for Producers and this will forever bring confusion as to “who should truly win”

I appeal to ZMA organisers to consider fusing in more categories to this Producer section such as:


Hip hop is a genre that is growing too fast in Zambia and surely one of the biggest. Its appropriate to have a specific category for this genre. Just like the case for new artists, every year we have some new fast rising mushrooming producers and its only fair for them to be recorgnised too. But putting them in a category for aready established Pro’s wouldn’t be fair hence need for the Upcoming Producer Category.

Imagine how boring awards would be if ZMA only had one category for all Zambian Musicians. (Best Artist of the Year). This would defintily always bring confusion because we have various Genres and Various Artists. This is exactly how we also feel sidelined as producers.

Without Producers there would be no Artist and No Music. It is Producers that Manufucture Beats, Record the artist, Mix and Master the songs. When an artist finishes recording his song. It is the Producer that spends sleepless nights in the studio cleaning the voices, editing the instruments, balancing the sounds, mixing the various elements in order for a song to come out perfect, warm and clean for people to listen and dance to.

The Producers play a vital role to this music that we know, please lets give them full acknowledgment.

Am sorry for this long boring post. I just felt like i could speak on behalf of my fellow Producers over this matter.

Thank you.

DJ Mzenga Man

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