Low Artist Wage is the Reason I Left Zambia – Crisis Mr. Swagger


Crisis Mr. Swagger is the latest big Artist to Air his views about low Artist wages in Zambia.

After Slap Dee said he wouldn’t perform at this year’s trade fair, Crisis has revealed that he for 2years in succession walked out of the Agriculture and commercial show meetings because of low wages and it is the reason he has never been seen performing at the Agriculture and Commercial Show.

“Part of the reason why nobody ever saw me perform at The Agricultural and Commercial Show in Lusaka, Zambia was because, I found it un-entertaining that they chose to pay me so little for a solo artist that was going to perform with a band.

I walked out of the meeting requesting that they review their policy. Those that accepted to be paid the little that was offered stayed in the meeting and looked at me like I was crazy!”

I’ve been about my business and, I have also done many charity events. The low artist wage in Zambia is the reason why I chose to leave the country for greener

I’m glad that Slap Dee is also confronting this issue. Those who chose to stay in that meeting and accept to be paid know who they are! I was in the meetings, two years in a roll and still, no consideration earned.

The same way Zambia has lost It’s best expertise of Doctor’s, Nurses and Lawyers to the West and other more developed countries is the same way we are going to lose people in the entertainment business. I believe a solution can be found. We are the only industry that does not have a voice in Parliament. Why not?

– Crisis Mr. Swagger

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