Macky 2 Hits Back At Slap Dee


Kopala Swag Commander Mulaza Kaira alias Macky 2 has hit back at XYZ Rapper Slap Dee who stands against the boycotting of the 2016 Zambian Music Awards by Zambian Artists.

Macky 2 says “If You Are Not Man Enough To Stand And Fight Then Sit Down And Shut Up! This Movement Is For The Brave Only.. I Don’t Expect You Boys To Understand. ‪#‎StandForSomthingOrFallForAnything‬

Macky 2 Said this after Slap Dee was Quoted sayingIf the ZMAs do invite me even as a spectator, I am going dressed in a shiny suit just to piss you off. I have 9 of those, you could learn something.”

Macky 2 Status

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