Macky 2 – Sancho (Mwabombeni) (Official Video)

Macky 2 - Sancho (Mwabombeni) (Official Video)

Macky 2 unlocks the official music video for his latest soundtrack titled “Sancho (Mwabombeni)“, a track dedicated to all the parents out there. The track was produced by Jerry Fingers while the music video is brought to life by Chichi Ice.

Macky 2 Wrote:

You can’t empathize until you put yourself in your parents’ shoes. Not everyone is built to empathize with others until certain life moments make them. The very first time you’ll miss your parents is when you start living in the dorms ku college away from home. Still you’ll ask for money and food without understanding how hard they have to work to support you. The first time you’ll ever feel grateful to have hardworking and supportive parents is when you graduate from college. You’ll realize not all your peers were fortunate to have had any financial support. These friends had to work to pay for school, food, rent and bills while going to school.

But you’ll only truly feel grateful every time you have to pay for your bills, rent and food. If you lose your job and can’t make payments anymore, you’ll turn to your parents for help but with guilt for the first time because you’ll feel you let them down.

Your gratitude will only increase to when you have your own child. Then you’ll know how much sacrifices they had to make for you including all those sleepless nights. Then you’ll make effort to build better relationships with them and spend more quality time with them.

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