“The Major Reason Why PilAto Made Peace With President Lungu & PF Party” – By JIFAN


My brother in Christ, Chama Fumba alias PilAto has just made peace with President Lungu and the entire PF party by apologizing for his attack in his lyrics and humbly seeks for forgiveness. This came from his personal conviction of being a voice for the voiceless in society and decided to make peace. Here are my few questions about his move: Where did this good conviction come from in my brother Pilato? Making peace with the President and the party was it the first step? Is it easy for someone without an encounter with God to ask for forgiveness from people he or she wronged? Who strengthened Pilato to do this great kingdom move of promoting peace? My friends and family, my quick answer to the above questions I raised is that all things were made possible by God and the Holy Spirit, for Pilato to apologize and make peace with the President and the PF party. Praise God for this life transforming step in his life. And when I featured my brother Pilato in my song titled “Ubwalwa” produced by Dice, I joked with him that very soon you will be Pilato the International preacher of the word of God and many times I used to send him Be Involved daily devotion. So to me this is just the beginning of him serving God because servants of God preach the gospel of peace and that’s exactly what Pilato did by making peace with the President and other people. My heart beat is people, not a particular political party because i am called to serve all peoples regardless of the party they belong to. I see people not political parties. Asking for forgiveness either from God or people is purely of God and is humble because we humans, by nature have much pride so coming out in the open to apologize shows brokenness, although devil’s agents may criticize you. Just know what you have done is right thing before God and good people. I can assure you the devil does not want you to do the right thing. So choose to do the right thing regardless of the opposition. Remember this; whenever you do or about to do the right thing, opposition comes in but ignore it completely. I would like to share the process of peace my brother Pilato went through in order to reach the point of making peace with the President Lungu and the PF party. The Bible talks about three different kinds of peace. Let’s look at them: (3) PEACE with others. This is external peace, and it’s necessary for human relationships to grow healthy. (2) PEACE with yourself. This is internal peace. (1) PEACE with God. This is eternal peace, and it comes from having a right relationship with God.
So here what Pilato went through although he may not realize it: when he was at peace with God it was easy for him to be at peace with himself, and since he is at peace with himself it is easy to make peace with the President Lungu, the PF party and others. That’s the major reason why Pilato apologized and asked for forgiveness. The bottom line is not joining PF party no, no, its all about making peace with people and a way of promoting peace, unity and love in the society that’s why he never said evil about UPND, the party he campaigned for during the last general elections. Let’s not see political parties in his peace promoting move, only positive development happening in his life and music career. Pilato is one of the biggest artists in the world and seeing him humble himself by apologizing openly is the sign of humbleness and godly life in him which must be recommended by all well meaning Christians. Because the common normal thing to do with secular artists is lyrics full of insults and hate for others, so seeing him doing the opposite needs commendation. I am very happy about his peace making move with people because my life is all about promoting peace, unity and love for God’s glory. So seeing influential people like him join the peace promoting movement excites me and God is very happy with him. We were all created by one God. Therefore, my friends and family, whichever political party you belong to, focus on promoting peace, unity and love. Lets learn to appreciate when one does what pleases God in order to shame the devil. Lets continue praying for my brother Pilato to continue being a godly voice to the voiceless, a supporter to the needy people and peacemaker in this world full of wars, violence and hate. I have been praying for my brother Pilato, for him to be a godly blessing to the nations and when I heard that he has taken a step to make peace with the President Lungu and the others, I was the happiest person. In conclusion, we all need to admit that we have done bad things and let us be willing to turn away from them like, and the time is now. Lets confess of all wrongs in our lives before God and others, and this positive change of mind will lead to a change of action and life style. Make a U-turn from sin to God, today .

I pray that all Zambians will become solutions to challenges, peacemakers and channels of blessing to all nations.

Lazarous Mankel Chongo (JIFAN)
Kabwe, Zambia.