‘Ntongo’ by Drifta is a ‘Vitumbuwa’ Replica – KRYTIC


In this age of “they have stolen my song” – type of music industry we are in, music followers would always expect news or claims of someones song stolen or copied.

This time its So Good Entertainment heavy Lyricist KRYTIC who took to facebook to say Driftah‘s Breakthrough hit Ntongo is a replica of 2wo 1ne‘s famous Vitumbuwa song. Ntongo has an All Stars Remix coming out soon which KRYTIC was invited to jump on and he brushed it away with the hashtag #Gerrarrahear

below is a screenshot of KRYTIC‘s facebook post

Krytic status

Silentt Erazer the producer of Driftah’s Ntongo has since shared the screenshot on his page with a comment “That moment a boy gives bakulu preassure & they go like

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