“Tone down on the ‪Pride‬ and The ‪#‎KanoNgaEbo‬ Spirit” – B Flow to Macky 2


B Flow has replied to Macky 2‘s remarks on his Obama Endorsement and the 2016 Zambian Music Awards.

B flo.. We all know that Obama endorsed you, you have told us the story a million times and we have seen the video.. and believe me when i say am so proud of you because I understand the struggle and I have seen you grow into this amazing artist that you are today.. But B! look at the bigger picture. even before Obama endorsed you, God already did. He handpicked you to possess that great gift to make beautiful music and speak for the voiceless. That Obama endorsement is nothing compared to what’s coming, But only if you keep moving.”  Macky 2 on B Flow

On Sunday Morning here is what B Flow had to say:

Macky 2, listen up my guy. Your opinion is NOT the whole industry’s opinion. Why are you catching emotions when others give opinions that are different from yours?? Yes we all want a better package but we are mindful of our approach. Take it easy bro, there’s no need to start posting about every artist who thinks differently. You and I have won a ZMA before and we accepted then. That change we are looking for won’t come by denouncing fellow artists on your page and on smooth talk. It will come by using dialogue, smart planning and right timing. Relax brother relaaaaax…The battle is the Lord’s not yours. What’s yours is the victory, so think through your approach.
Oh so when I talk about that Obama endorsement I make you sick? Could that be why you’re one of the few artists that have never congratulated me? Bro, when you went for Big Brother, to us you were representing the industry, that’s why we were asking the nation to vote. If you won, you would have made us shine too. That’s how true workmates operate.

When you came back home, at every show you repeatedly uttered the words “When I was in the BBA house bla bla bla”. Did we complain that you were irritating us? No! Now you have a problem with me talking about an achievement which no other African artist has ever recorded? You should be proud that your own friend from the same industry has achieved something much bigger than the same ZMA you’re crying about. That’s history that can’t be erased, and it will always be part of my legacy, so I’m not stopping, sorry boi.

Yes you’re a good artist but you can’t always shine alone. If that endorsement came to you, would you have even been picking our calls? Macky 2 meets Obama? Kuti twayanwa amenshi ifwe(can we drink water)?
My advice is take it “lolo lolo” as you say. The cake is for all of us, you eat some, I eat some. Tone down on the ‪#‎pride‬ and the ‪#‎KanoNgaEbo‬ spirit. Remember Zambian music was there before you and me and it will still be there after this.B fLOW MK II

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