Copperbelt Based Artist – Liss Diamond Joins God’s Mission


God is truly working through JIFAN Global Youth Development Project to transform lives and communities for His glory!

“Prisca (Liss Diamond)who is one of the artists featured in JIFAN Youth Development part 3 for Copperbrlt Province of Zambia has been really inspired and encouraged by my passion for youth positive development.” Says Mr. Lazarous Mankel Chongo.

She asked him how she could be involved in serving God as well. When he explained about himself and the mission, she was really touched and encouraged! He went on to tell her how he would connect her to the JIFAN offices on the Copperbrlt province so that she could serve with them. He went on to encourage her to partake in discipleship within the organisation (OM) so that she could know more about God and His global mission.

By God’s grace she came to do discipleship for three months and a few days before her graduation she told him this: “Discipleship is about dying to self and carrying the Cross and in my life, everything that I am doing now is for the sake and the glory of God. That is why I can no longer sing secular music that I used to. Gospel music should bring glory to God, that is why I am making the shift and I want all my friends to join me. I will reach out to them in songs and in person. I was touched by what I saw at Mercy House (OM Children Ministry) and I feel there is something that I can do to help. I have learnt a lot of practical lessons during discipleship and I sense the need to put into practice what we were taught. Mercy House is one place from all the ministries I have visited during my discipleship training that appeared to me in terms of service. I am compassionate about the wellfare of vulnerable people and I will appreciate the opportunity of working for them, and engage also in the Women’s affairs for the sake and glory of His name.”

“I was very happy and encouraged by her personal conviction to join God’s mission by the power of the Holy Spirit. I don’t ask youths who feature in my projects to shift from secular to Gospel music; but from my lifestyle, through relationships that I build with them they normally get inspired and encouraged by my missional lifestyle, they normally shift from secular to Gospel (or good) music. When artists shift from secular to Gospel music I even encourage them to be also doing life transforming music eg addressing alot of issues that are happening in this world because good music can help people to become good which is the aim of the gospel music with a single motive of leading people to give thier lives to Jesus.” The man of God reports.

JIFAN project’s vision has been not to convert youths to Gospel artists but to create accessible opportunities for youths that will teach them to live good lives and become pillars in their communities. if they want to join God’s mission they are always welcome by conviction of the Holy Spirit. JIFAN celebrates and welcomes these souls into God’s global mission.

Prisca has returned to her place in the Copperbelt to be with her family while serving there with the JIFAN offices based in Copperbelt. After she arrived home her Mother called Pastor Lazarous to appreciate God and JIFAN projects for what God had done and was doing in her Daughter’s life.

“Friends and Family, lets continue praying for Prisca for her new lifestyle and that her Kopala Swag friends will be encouraging and supporting her alot and I am so happy that her producer Dice has been supporting her move. I am so happy for what God is doing in the lives of youths, those featuring in my projects and those just listening to them. I receive good testimonies from youths daily about the positive development happening in thier lives. They send me good songs they have released after they got impacted by my lifestyle and JIFAN projects. I would like to remind you my family that God is doing all these positive developments in the lives and communities of people through you and I only for His glory.”

You can watch Prisca, She is on verse three in this JIFAN Youth Development Part 3 Copperbelt.

May God bless us together for His glory, amen. – JIFAN