Ebola Family Replies to J.O.B


The game is heating up with another diss song from the Copperbelt circulating online. A crew calling themselves the Ebola Family just replied to J.O.B’s “Ulemu” song which was a reply to PilAto’s Politically charged song Alungu Anabwera.

PilAto who is a free man only on bail is expected to appear in court for trial on Wednesday 24th June. PilAto has been recently lyrically attacked by J.O.B with the latest attack from Celebrity inmate General Kanene. Chama Fumba also known as PilAto who has since been silent about the two replies has received some backup in the name of Ebola Family.

In the song, Ebola Family repeatedly refers to J.O.B as a finished rapper and a bad Chanel. In the lyrics they even go as far as daring J.O.B to hit back. The song has a lot of uncut and uncensored lyrical content and surely J.O.B won’t be pleased once it gets to him.

The last heated up beef we heard in the Zambian Music industry was the famous Macky 2 – Slap Dee beef which brought about musical separation of territories and what PilAto and JOB started may just be one of those because it is now changing from a political scene to a personal musical scene.
Check out the ebola Family song here

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