JIFAN – 3D Vision


●We are JIFAN Association: Jesus Is For All Nations and our Vision is 3D,
– Discover, Develop & Deploy
– To help young people DISCOVER a good life
– To DEVELOP the fullest life possible for that individual
– To DEPLOY these powerful young people for the service of others creating healthier, wealthier, and safer communities.

• JIFAN Association’s 3D Vision will be realised through:
– Prayer,
– Church,
– Be Involved Devotion,
– Global Youth Development Project involving sports and music,
– Community Projects,
– Skills Developement and
– Empowerment

●Our target populations are:
– young people between the ages of 8 to 35 and
– Marginalized people groups and communities

●JIFAN Association believes that through collaboration, partnerships, and pooling resources it is possible to help young people and marginalized communities emerge from spiritual and physical poverty.

For More information contact:
– Lazarous Chongo:
mobile number: +260977321432

– We are JIFAN Association: Jesus Is For All Nations.

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