Kaladoshas Rubbishes Breakup Rumors & Urges Zambians to focus on Productive Issues


Following a round of rumors on social media suggesting a breakup between Zambian celebrity couple – Kaladoshas and Cleo Ice Queen, Kaladoshas took to Facebook to respond and air-out his striking opinion.

“PLEASE READ AND SHARE MY STATEMENT: When an artist releases a song or posts about a show it’s Zero Likes, Zero Shares, Zero Downloads but when fake news is released 5000 likes 600 comments 400shares. I believe as a people we really need to change our attitude and become more supportive of each other. We focus so much on destroying each other rather than uplifting ourselves. You post scandalous news about us but when we work so hard in studio to create good music, go way beyond our capacity to produce high quality videos you never post about them on your platforms, you never support us; your goal is simply destruction. The worst part is that we the people support this negativity and we prefer to share the negativity than anything else. Unemployment is high, poverty is absolute, our entertainment industry is in its infancy and not really putting food on the tables of many entertainers but those are not topics people want to discuss, people want to talk about rumors and untrue stories; cheating, break ups, marriages, artists stealing girlfriends from other artists etc. how does that help anyone? What progress do those stories bring to the country? Salma Sky just featured Ghana’s number one female artist Kaaki but you ignore that, Roberto just featured Nigeria’s number one dancehall artist Patoranking but you ignore that, Chef 187 was on CNN but you ignore that, Cleo Ice Queen won an Afrimma award in the USA beating the best of Southern Africa but that was ignored also and we still wonder why other countries are doing better than us. Zambia just won against Portugal is that not something more relevant to celebrate and talk about? Why not focus our energies on achievements and successes so that we inspire the younger generations to aspire to achieve.”

“I challenged myself to do music that could be accepted anywhere, to work hard to produce the best of videos so I could inspire others to believe in themselves, to show the non-believers that Zambia does have talent and to push other artists to create better quality work. So please do not scandalize my name just to see me fall, just to see people hate me. What wrong have I done apart from only producing good music for the nation? But look at what you do, instead of encouraging me you demotivate me by trying to destroy my name, destroying the career so that there is no Kaladoshas. But you are not God and you do not control destiny. The saddest part is that its fellow artists that connive to bring down other artists with such fake stories, artists that look at us as competition. But the question is what’s there to compete for? There’s nothing to compete for, there’s just an industry that needs to be built, an industry that needs unity, an industry that needs support and more positiveness. In 2014 I denied a record deal in Johannesburg and made a decision to come back home and do my music from Zambia for Zambia, I knew it would not be easy but I thought to myself if I was ever going to shine I would rather shine for my country. Zambia is a beautiful place and Zambians are beautiful people, but among us are some people filled with hate, jealousy and various forms of negativity, they never want to see progress and have been holding the country backward for a long time, but this is 2017 and we are not moved, Zambia is moving towards greatness and nothing else. God Bless.”