Wezi – Chuumba (Merck More Than A Mother)

Wezi – Chuumba (Merch More Than A Mother)

Merck Foundation and Esther Lungu Foundation Trust presents, highly rated Zambian singer – Wezi unwrapping her latest music video titled “Chuumba (Merck More Than A Mother)“.

Merck Foundation has worked closely with local singers to create songs that address the sane issue to sensitize the community with the aim to break the stigma of infertility and empower infertile women. In Dr. Rasha Kelej (CEO of Merck Foundation) words:

I strongly believe that art and media play significant roles in raising awareness about sensitive topics like infertility, hence will contribute significantly to break the stigma around infertile women in Africa, if utilized properly“.

Enjoy the music video below directed by K-Blaze and ERT.