ALBUM: Goose Major & Xaga Boss10 – No Boundaries


Good Life Music Rap Duo Goose Major and Xaga Boss10 unwraps their most anticipated Album – “No Boundaries”. This Duo Album comes as a follow-up to their recent hit singles RedBull and Mulungu Wama yoh respectively.

This is something the Zed Hip Hop community will be talking about for sometime.

Album Artists: Goose Major & Xaga Boss10

Features: SmaQ, Immortal Czar

Album Title: No Boundaries

Number Of Tracks: 12

Running Time: 53 Minutes

Download Tip: click on the song title to download 

  1. No Boundaries (1091 downloads)
  2. Body Language (888 downloads)
  3. AWBAT (324 downloads)
  4. Up All Day Ft. SmaQ (456 downloads)
  5. I Messed Up (772 downloads)
  6. There For You (320 downloads)
  7. No Plan (313 downloads)
  8. Crossing Borders (318 downloads)
  9. Kuwaya Waya Fye (334 downloads)
  10. Mubili Mubili Ft. Immortal Czar (332 downloads)
  11. Kumanda Nikwanu (308 downloads)
  12. IDFWU Freestyle (558 downloads)