Chef 187 – Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu (Trackumentary)


In this short documentary that features Chef 187, we watch the artist briefly talk about what inspired him to write the song “Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu“. The famous rapper explains that he wrote this song when he realized how he almost never made new mistakes but constantly repeated old ones. They say experience is the best teacher but Chef 187 says this wasn’t the case for him. He speaks to us and informs us on the title of his song; he says the song and title are based on how he never learns from his mistakes and how this is just a case of Good Teacher by this he means experience and by Bad Kasukulu he means himself. He has all the experience and yet finds himself constantly repeating all the same mistakes.

The Big Deal Graphics HD produced video premieres on the 24th of February and be sure to watch it here first. You can watch the Short Documentary below.