Danny Peddle on Dandy Crazy & Sunga man

Danny Peddle

Danny Peddle

Legendary Zambian hit Maker Danny Peddle Speaks out on the current Situation where Dandy Crazy has been accused of initiating Sunga man into satanism in a video circulating on online.

Danny Peddle On Facebook:

“I have a few questions to ask this self proclaimed Satanic Artist and his Pastor.

1.Is it possible for someone to initiate a ‘BEAST’ into Satanism? I thought the ‘Beast’ was already into satanic Business

2.The Pastor in the Video seemed to have rested his case upon hearing another Artists name being pronounced as an initiator of the Beast,and he sounded happy at the revelation,Why?

3.Why didn’t they show us the end of that video clip? Did the “Beast come out of our Brother or its still renting his soul?

4.Please tell us if you have any riches or may be you were given the wrong end of the stick?.

5.Please someone help me with an hit song by our brother,I’m sure I missed it along the way.

6.I understand the two Artists in Question had personal differences over Similarities in Voices and style and the other claiming his style was stolen by the ‘Initiator’ has that issue been resolved?.

7.Both Artists have different Political views,One supports Government while the other does not.Could this bring more tension in their lives?
In GOD I Trust in JESUS name. Pedolicious”

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