Thugga Leaves Zone Fam



After over five wonderful years with the group – Tim ‘Thugga’ Chisenga has decided to leave Zone Fam. Dope G, Jay Rox and Yung Verbal will continue to carry the Zone Fam name as a three member crew. Zone Fam’s album ‘Bar Code’ is still scheduled for release later this year, major collaborations and performances locally in Zambia and outside are also scheduled.

Thugga says: I found brothers in the members of the group and we are a family. Even though I have decided to embark a more Christian path and take up Gospel music; the guys and I will be as close as we have always been…
it’s deeper than just music. I am thankful for all the support they have given to me during the few months I was going through my transformation. You will still hear more music from me as an artist but on a more Christian note.

Zone Fam say: Thugga has been a significant part of our group and will sorely be missed. We respect his decision to pursue other endeavors and wish him the very best. Thugga is irreplaceable hence we have chosen not to bring on board a new member at the moment. We cherish all the good times we shared including making a mark for Zambian music worldwide. There are too many highlights to mention…we hope the world is ready for our brother!

Duncan Sodala says: Over the years we have grown to be more than just friends in Zone Fam, we are indeed a family. Thugga will always be considered a Zone Fam member despite his pursuing other avenues in his life. I am personally very sad to see him go but there comes at time in anyone’s life when you have to make certain decisions that are important for your personal growth. I can guarantee you all this is not the last time you will hear from this young man – look out for what his has in store for everyone!

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