Umusepela Crown set to release new song centred on speaking for orphans & homeless children

Umusepela Crown

Renowned rapper Umusepela Crown will be releasing a new song centred at speaking for all the orphans & homeless children.

The rapper has joined hands with fast emerging and creative rap force Toloma Siimpo, as well as budding Chingola based female singer Marie.

The song “Sorrow” which is slated for official release on the 23rd of October this year, will act as a wakeup call for the general humanity to pay attention to the emotional and physical struggles that every orphaned child goes through. The song is expected to act as a channel to restore compassion and empathy amongst ourselves towards the unfortunate individuals who are often being mistreated and neglected.

To bring this project to fruition, Umusepela Crown has partnered with Team Function Cares Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that facilitates Talent Branding opportunities, Developmental collaborations and progressive Partnerships.

Umusepela Crown reached out to his regular music partner, and producer Eddie Dope who have been confirmed as the official Executive Producer of the entire Project. He further reached out to Toloma Siimpo via a Facebook Post, an idea which the later embraced for the greater good.

Throughout the process, Mufasa has openly been sharing updates and insights with his friends & music community through Social Media. This included the involvement of a new face on the scene, Marie; whom Umusepela Crown publicly introduced to his Facebook fans as the lady to work on the chorus. The official music artwork was intelligently designed by Creata.

Stay connected with the proceedings for this entire life changing progression, as we anticipate to hear the cry for morality, unity and consciousness among the human kind.

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