Slap Dee Refuses To Perform At The Trade Fair


Recently, Zambian artists have been getting what we would call ‘change’ to perform at shows where international artists are getting hugely unspeakable amounts of money. But hitmaker Slap Dee has since taken a move on the underpaying of local artists by boycotting performing at the 2015 trade fair saying he would rather use the two days to teach his daughter how to ride a bike.

Here is what Slap Dee Posted on his facebook page.

“Here’s a classic! Normaly I wouldn’t do this but The Trade Fair Society are offering K3,000 a show for me and my team to travel to Ndola City, lodge ourselves there for 2 days, provide ourselves with food & bevs.

After all expenses we would be making K600 to be split up 5 ways from each performance.

They have added that “all the other artists are getting the same amount” which is why they cannot up on my performance fees.

I politely told them I will pass and most likely spend the two days teaching my daughter how to ride her bike. They are also inviting an international act to perform for the same event(so I hear). I cannot say how much they are paying them because I don’t know. What I know is that wherever they are coming from, their flights alone will cost more than our performance fees.

I post this not to complain (seeing as my colleagues are comfortable with this). I post this to make it clear to all promoters across Zambia that if you are going to consider me to provide this service, let it be an amount worth doing the job for. I understand our economy is alil complicated but if you can afford flying in a team of other musicians, my fees should not be a problem.

Lastly, I hope my fans understand how much work is put in to make all of you happy. How much time it takes to put out music that is well produced,mixed & mastered and will rep Zambia for a long time. The management, videos and airplay on international platforms costs a lot.

If we are going to compete with the Sarkodies, Diamonds, AKAs and many others, it will take more than K3000 from our own people to do that. Don’t get it twisted, I do alot of Charity work around but if it’s business deal, let’s keep it that way.”

– Shi Nandi.

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